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Brigitte Le Boulleur - Textile art & Jewellery, paintings, clay & precious metals jewellery

Born in Perpignan, Brigitte Le Boulleur moved to Ireland in 1981. She has kept the love of vivid colours from her roots (Perpignan is close to Collioure, the birthplace of Fauvism) and that love is reflected in her work.

Brigitte's themes of predilection include womanhood, motherhood, freedom, power and equality. She strongly believes that creativity is linked to freedom and democracy and has campaigned most of her life to encourage creativity in children and the community.

Although she has done a lot of work with textiles, she likes to explore an image or theme in different media to give it different interpretations - these could be glass, ceramics, paint or jewellery.  Her work is based on emotional responses to different experiences in her life, historic events or current news.

Brigitte's art is a political manifesto to promote freedom of expression.