In September 2022, Robert and Brigitte enrolled onto the Small Business Britain Sustainability Basics programme, after which we committed to the Net Zero journey.

As artists, we are aware of the damage we make to the environment and have tried to minimise it. 

Our journey so far:

  1. 2010 - we installed solar heating panels for hot water
  2. 2010 - we installed a woodburning stove with a back boiler linked to the hot water
  3. 2021 - we installed electro voltaic panels to power our jewellery workshop
  4. 2022 - We are reducing our energy consumption in the gallery by switching some lights off when there are no customers in the gallery.
  5. Since 1999, we have offered a jewellery upcycling service to our customers who have unwanted jewellery.
  6. 2020 - we upcycle used silver and gold to make our jewellery
  7. We buy upcycled metal from our suppliers.
  8. We support our local community by sponsoring the Lir Arts Festival and running an art club in Coleraine.
  9. We are now using 100% recyclable packaging made in the UK.
  10. When we closed our gallery in 44 Ann Street, we ensured all the furniture would be put to good use.