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Express yourself with your jewellery

Discover the artful touch of Robert Spotten in crafting personalized engagement and wedding bands that are a true reflection of your unique journey. Handcrafted with love and passion, our pieces are made from sterling silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, often reclaimed, because we believe in preserving our planet. Our workshop, powered by solar energy, is where all the magic happens. Our high-end designs are made for those who wear their confidence with elegance and have a deep-rooted love for nature, freedom, and fairness. Come, experience the friendly and approachable world of Robert Spotten's fine jewellery.

A collection inspired by Love

"The Covid Chronicles" brought into sharp focus the irreplaceable role our loved ones play in our existence. As a person who holds affection dear, the enforced lock-down made me yearn for the simple comfort of an embrace. I missed my friends, my family, all those who hold a special place in my heart. This collection, a joint effort by Brigitte Le Boulleur and Robert Spotten, is our attempt to encapsulate the essence of a hug, distilled down to lines and spheres.

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