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Privacy Policy

We process personal information to enable us to buy, sell, promote and advertise
our products and services; maintain our own accounts and records; support and
manage our employees; the trading and sharing of personal information; the use of
CCTV systems for crime prevention.

Customer information:

We will keep customer information such as name and email address in order to let our customers know about workshops, classes, exhibitions, demonstrations and other events we organise.

We will keep mailing information for sending out orders.

Who the information may be shared with
We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the
individual themself and also with other organisations that supply mailing and emailing services (post office, mailchimp, surveyMonkey, eventbrite etc). Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). What follows is a description of the types of organisations we may need to share some of the personal information we process with for one or more reasons.

Where necessary or required we share information with:
􀂇 employees
􀂇 customers
􀂇 suppliers
􀂇 financial organisations
􀂇 credit reference agencies
􀂇 debt collection and tracing agencies
􀂇 central government
􀂇 police forces and security organisations
CCTV for crime prevention
CCTV is used for maintaining the security of property and premises and for
preventing and investigating crime, it may also be used to monitor staff when
carrying out work duties. For these reasons the information processed may include visual images, personal appearance and behaviours. This information may be about staff, customers and clients, offenders and suspected offenders, members of the public and those inside, entering or in the immediate vicinity of the area under surveillance. Where necessary or required this information is shared with the data subjects themselves, employees and agents, services providers, police forces, security organisations and persons making an enquiry.
It may sometimes be necessary to transfer personal information overseas. When
this is needed information may be transferred to countries or territories around the
world. Any transfers made will be in full compliance with all aspects of the data
protection act.