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Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Bann Disc pattern - Robert Spotten

Designer: Robert Spotten

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These beautiful silver cufflinks show the symbol found on the Bann Disc, each measures 18 mm in diameter and weighs approximately 5.4 gms. It comes beautifully packaged in a red box with Robert Spotten brand in gold leaf and a small leaflet on Robert Spotten artistic journey. Considered one of the most outstanding pieces of metalwork surviving from the Irish Iron Age, The Bann Disc was found by chance by men dredging the river Bann in 1939.

The original bronze piece is a small, slightly convex bronze disc that measures just 10.6 cm across. Notice the triple spiral design which is very common in Irish designs and has been found in other documents such as the Book of Kells and other cultural objects from Greece. Some think that this triple spiral is a symbol of fertility as each spiral represents three months.