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Sphere - Abstract Black and White Photograph of Newcastle, Ireland by Mathieu Decodts, Art Photographer

Designer: Mathieu Decodts

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This stunning semi-abstract black and white photograph was taken at Newcastle promenade, Newcastle, Northern Ireland. 

With a beginning in reflective installation art pieces early in his career and an obsession with reflective subjects, the Sphere pictured here was a fascinating subject for the artist.  At first sight, he imagined a continuation of our real-world railing into the warped reflection world contained within. This is the focal point of the picture, where the reflection and real-world meet at the edge of the sphere.

This fantastic black and white abstract photograph comes in ash black frames with white mounts as 12x8 in or 20x16 and 2 in Canvass wrap in15x10 in, 20x20 in or 30x20 in.