Jewellery Commissions

With more than forty years’ experience in making and repairing jewellery, Robert Spotten will work closely with you to ensure that he designs the piece of jewellery best suits your requirements and budget.

Jewellery commissions are done in three easy steps:

  1. Contact us for an appointment either in person or via video conferencing for a free consultation
  2. During the consultation Robert will propose a few possible designs based on your story, your tastes and your budget – It is always best to let us know your budget in advance so that the designs can be created based on your budget.
  3. Once you approve the design and paid a deposit, Robert will make your bespoke jewellery (a wax model can be made in some occasions) and contact you when it is ready for collection or for sending.

Feel free to look at our testimonials on the Facebook page and look at our previously made bespoke jewellery.


White gold wedding ring with a ruby and a dash of rose goldA pair of silver sterling cufflinks with a golden trefoilA very special sterling silver pendant to tell the loved one that they have the key to their heartPersonalised tie slide Sterling silver commission of a pendant for lady golf playerA platinum wedding ring encrusted with celtic love knots and emeralds. An example of upcycling old jewellery into a completely new design, using the gold and stones supplied by the customerA different version of the Claddagh, made into a 9 carat yellow gold pendant with a link to the city of Derry made through the columba and the oak leafIntitials D and G made into a beautiful sterling silver pendant enhanced with a gold trefoil