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44 Ann St, Ballycastle

Northern Ireland, BT54 6AD

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James C. B - Equine Art

A stonemason by trade and an artist at heart, James C B has a fascination for horses. Attracted by their personality, movement, energy, their “essence”.

James masters both acrylic and oil paints on canvas. Once completed, each painting is carefully varnished to give it a nice sheen.

For inspiration, James goes to point to point races, hunt meetings and on occasion to a local stud farm. There, he studies and observes the horses and paints those he finds a connection with or catch his eye.

He uses his sketches, videos and photographs as a reference.

The individual movement, the energy and mood will dictate a lot, but the idea is usually a reaction to the individual horse, its essence.

The abstract backgrounds are a play with information that comes by along the way, the history, the bloodlines and the timelines.

The inspiration is the horse, the beauty, the elegance, the energy and power. For James, there is a lot to learn from horses.