We are delighted to welcome Sarah Carrington's new show in the Puffin Gallery. If you like seascapes, then this show is a must see for you. If you like play with light and shadows, don't miss it! and if you love wonderful paintings then this is the show for you.

Sarah Carrington at work in her studio 

Sarah began her career as a self-employed artist based in Edinburgh but now lives on the north coast of Northern Ireland, where the rugged coastline is equally inspiring to that of her homeland of Scotland.  She exhibits widely throughout the UK.

Through her paintings, the viewer is enveloped by the vastness of the sea and sky.  Depth and distance are constant features in her work.  Most of the paintings are created in the studio from photographs and sketches executed on-the-spot, at the beach.  She uses household emulsion, oil, ink, chalk and gold leaf to create a variety of surfaces and to describe the different textures found at the sea-shore and the mood and weather of the place.  For Sarah, the sea remains a constant inspiration for her work.

An example of Sarah' paintings, mainly painted with oils with the addition of gold leaves to render a beautiful light in the sky and water.


Sarah CarringtonView from the Edge


The Puffin Gallery, Ballycastle

May 28th – June 23rd 2018

 View from the Edge is a series of paintings and drawings by Sarah Carrington that explores our relationship with the coastline – being on the edge of the land, where vast vistas are experienced.

 Visiting the shoreline brings us to the very edge of the land, leaving behind our everyday existence, and allowing us to become more aware of our humanity and fragility within a vast and powerfully created world.  Often we are drawn to “the edge” and keep revisiting, as the views become familiar, and perhaps because we find a sense of peace and space amidst our typically crowded lives.

 These views from the edge seek to portray the beauty and vastness of the incredible rugged and unique coastline of the north of Ireland.

A wonderful oil painting of the sea - the main inspiration for Sarah Carrington's work - the opening day is on 28th May at 4pm

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