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Mini Moon Jar - Black White- by Claire Murdock

Designer: Claire Murdock

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The Puffin Gallery has a collection of mini-moon jars which fit into your palm. Glazes are built up in layers with a combination of pouring and dipping techniques to achieve the finish. They are all ‘one of a kind’ unique and decorative pieces.

‘Moon Jars’ date back to the early 16th century made traditionally in white porcelain during the Joseon Dynasty. It is from this era in Korea and the Minoan Civilisation in Crete and the beautiful Pithoi traditional Jars the artist/designer draws her inspiration.

In 2019 Claire participated in the Channel 4 The Great Pottery Throw Down competition and was nominated potter of the week three times during the programme.

Approximate dimensions:


Width: 65mm

Height: 55 mm

Opening diameter: 25 mm


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