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External Wall Green Ceramic Sculpture: GREEN MAN VI by Anna D, Mixed Media Artist

Designer: Anna Donovan

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This stoneware head surrounded by green leaves is a perfect decoration for either your external or internal wall. Made to withstand the weather, this modern wall decoration was inspired by ancient traditional carvings seen around the world in various forms and is part of a collection of similar but unique pieces.

Measurements (cm):

Width: 18

Height: 20

Depth: 4

Each Green Man Anna makes is an individual. They have their own personalities that emerge through the making process. Stoneware clay is pressed into a mould of a generic face which is then manipulate, adding to an cutting into to create more detailed facial features. Using original plaster moulds of leaves collected whilst out walking in a local park, Anna loves the detail revealed of the delicate veins of each individual leaf.

At this stage colour is introduced on the leaves using decorative slip painted onto the bare leaf shaped clay, which is then pressed onto the especially made leaf mould.

The first firing is the bisque which reaches 1050 degrees centigrade, after which underglazes are applied to enhance the textures and detail.

Second firing is 1250 degrees centigrade and creates a lovely satin finish, and can survive fluctuating temperatures if you decide to display him outside.

Finally wire is attached to the back allowing for the piece to be mounted onto a wall.