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Beginners Photography Class Zoom

Designer: Mathieu Decodts

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Learn how to use your camera and take better photographs on this live online course run by Mathieu Decodts, an expert photographer who is generous with sharing his tips and tricks of the trade. Learn about the different functions of your camera, how to adjust the right settings, look at the light, your surrounding, etc. A fun and effective way to learn how to photograph your favourite subjects.

Go from having no clue to fully understanding your camera with 8 weeks of Beginners Photography Classes. Starts Thursday 8th April 7 to 9pm only £99 for 16hrs of live teaching. 

Hurry! Book soon. 

"I teach students how to use the different features of their camera to take better pictures with practical exercises doing photography in every class. In a few short weeks, I can take you from a total beginner to understanding the exposure triangle and using your camera to get what you want out of photography."