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Yvonne Magee - Abstract Artist

yvonne magee is a life long acrylic artist who lives in the North Coast of Ireland near the Giant's Causeway. She is pictured near her home with a beautiful coastal view.

Yvonne has been a lifelong artist and art lover.  With a background in art education and art therapy, she returned to painting in 2013, when she retired from her work as a therapist.  


Influenced by the great abstract expressionists, her paintings are loose and free.  As an expat American, she is deeply inspired by living between the ancient, beautiful Scottish town of St Andrews, and the North Atrim coast, near where she has built a second studio. The countryside, seaside and garden are her happy places.  She has lived in the UK since 2005.


Yvonne's focus is on filling her paintings with a joyful energy, which can be felt by the viewer. Owners of her work often comment on the peace and happiness they feel when they view her work.  Her wish is to share this joy with you!