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Millie - Irish abstract landscape painter

a portrait of Millie Moore, Irish landscape painter, inspired by nature, the Irish landscape and its history

A graduate of the University of Ulster School of Art, Millie''s work is part of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland collection. 

Millie's work practice is varied as she uses different media and methods: drawing, paper making and painting as a response to her relationship with the natural world. Constantly inspired by the Irish landscape, with underlying thoughts of culture and history inextricably woven into the land itself, Millie's interest lies int he wonder of nature, contemplating familiarity and observing its metamorphosis.

A studio artist, she constructs her final work with a mixture of photos, notes, sketches and her own response to the subject matter, seeking to capture the mood and atmosphere of the landscape she is depicting.




Subtlety of Place

A glimpse of the often overlooked


The impetus for the series of paintings shown in this exhibition came from a visit to the West of Ireland last summer and an encounter with the bogland around the Ceide Fields.

Built up layer upon layer the unfathomable depth of the bog holds many secrets waiting to be unearthed by the turf digger's spade. 

The subtlety of this landscape may find descriptive voice through the writers pen or the artists brush alike each seeking to express their reaction to this ancient place.

The abstract paintings evolved simply from memory of a special, never to be forgotten place which seemed to spill out on to the canvas.