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Mathieu Decodts - Fine Art Photography

Mathieu Decodts self portrait represents him casually sitting on a stool holding his camera in a relaxed way. This is how he likes to take photos of people, spending more time to feel at ease then taking their photo, knowing he got the best.

A gifted artist who has worked with pencil, paint and clay, Mathieu discovered a passion for photography in his artistic development that has not left him since. A full-time professional photographer and teacher of photography, what separates him from many photographers is that he treats photography as an art form, for him, it is just another media to express his creativity. Mathieu applies artistic concepts of visual weight, composition, colour theory, patterns and geometry to his abstract photography work.

His preferred specialisms are portrait photography and abstract art photography.

His work has been published in the Ulster Tatler, Belfast Telegraph, Good Light Magazine to name a few.