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44 Ann St, Ballycastle

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Inspiring future collections with a creative break. Returning on 5th April 2024.

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Large and extra large size

If you have plenty of space on your wall, then this is the section to look at. You may choose to have several small or medium paintings (always go for an odd number to create balance) OR you may prefer to have a large statement piece hanging on your wall. Are you looking for a statement piece for your table or shelf? then you will find ceramic and bronze sculptures, ceramic or glass vase which may meet your requirements. Do you want to make a statement and wear a large piece of jewellery? then look no further than here!

As a guide: a large painting would be above 60cm wide, a piece of ceramic/glass would be taller/wider/longer than 30cm and a piece of "large" jewellery would be above 40mm wide.