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44 Ann St, Ballycastle

Northern Ireland, BT54 6AD

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James McNulty - Irish Seascapes and Abstract Landscapes Artist

James McNulty adding the finishing touches to one of his oil seascape painting, Mist lifting on the north coast of IReland
James McNulty is a popular talented Irish artist who has mastered most media including oil, pastels and watercolour. Throughout his career he has been known for his seascapes (his rendering of water and waves is technically amazing) and landscapes inspired by the North Coast (Near the Giant's Causeway) of Northern Ireland. In the past few years, his paintings have become more abstract, an interpretation of his response to his surroundings and emotional state of mind. When you look at one of James McNulty paintings, you feel the peace and tranquillity that exude from his art. We highly recommend his work. "Since coming to this part of Ireland 30 years ago the beautiful north coast from Magilligan to Ballycastle has given me all the inspiration and material for my paintings. Lately, I’ve been trying to distil my feelings for the coast by avoiding the picturesque and known places and relying on colour and mood. Where the sea and the sky and the land meet has always interested me - two elements soft and shifting and the third hard and enduring. When sea mists form the three elements merge and soften and this is what I’ve been exploring in some of these paintings. I begin on the canvas with the land and take it from there hopefully to create a mood and essence of place"